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Florida Democratic Party Releases Video Demanding Justice For Victims of Racist Violence

Today, the Florida Democratic Party released a video to protest police brutality and memorialize the victims of racial injustice in America.

In the video, Florida Democratic Party Staff, elected leaders, including Congressman Al Lawson and Senate Democratic Leader Audrey Gibson, and Party officers say the words “I can’t breathe” to symbolize their anguish and outrage over the persistent acts of violence against black and brown Americans.

Additionally, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement:

“Last week we saw another Black man murdered at the hands of a police officer while three others stood by. This should anger every American. When our institutions commit injustices, it is our responsibility to stand up and make our voices count. To the thousands of peaceful protesters across Florida and the nation demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to the racist violence rampant in America — we stand with you. To the handful of violent individuals who have caused destruction — stop and listen to George Floyd’s brother’s powerful call to non-violent action.

“We know that centuries of racist institutions and policies led us to this moment. Racism existed long before Donald Trump arrived in the White House, but his eagerness to sow division and encourage violence is unacceptable and dangerous. We need leadership during this time of crisis, and Trump has failed.

“George Floyd should be alive today and we mourn his loss. His life mattered. Black lives matter. And we must not only demand justice for George Floyd, but work against racism and towards building communities of trust every day. It’s on me, it’s on my team, it is on all of us to do better so Black men and women don’t have to fear for their lives for simply existing. I encourage everyone not only to use their voice, but their vote to demand change.”

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