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Explosive New Accusations Levied Against Corrupt Carlos in Genting Scandal

Giménez accused of stacking the deck to favor Chinese consortium that secretly wined and dined him – resulting County contract could be worth billions of dollars.

Last week a damning ethics report revealed Corrupt Carlos Giménez’s pay-to-play scheme to funnel taxpayer money to a $770 million Chinese monorail project supported by his political donors and cronies. The scheme involved secret yacht meetings in Hong Kong on the taxpayer’s dime, wiped burner phones, and a blatantly solicited “unsolicited” bid.

In the wake of the report’s findings, the Miami-Dade Commissioners questioned Gimenez yesterday, and shocking new details emerged.

WATCH: County Commission meeting devolves into chaos as Corrupt Carlos faces new pay-to-play accusations

“These explosive accusations make clear what people in Miami-Dade already know: Corrupt Carlos can’t be trusted,” said FDP Deputy Communications Director Luisana Pérez Fernández. “As we continue to learn more about just how deeply Corrupt Carlos manipulated this pay to play scheme, it serves as a stern and sobering reminder that Miami-Dade’s mayor is only ever looking out for himself, his family, and his donors.”

Commissioner Joe Martinez revealed he was told by an American company that they — along with “a bunch” of other companies — wanted to place a bid for Miami-Dade’s “Baylink” transportation project, but Giménez’s “staff told them they were interested in monorail” and the company believed “the way it was steered was to only have monorail.”

Per Commissioner Martinez, Gimenez’s staff was working from the beginning to limit competition and pave the way for the foreign companies that wined and dined Giménez aboard their private yachts.




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