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Florida Democratic Party Statement on May Jobs Report

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo issued the following statement in response to today’s news that unemployment remains above 13%, meaning the United States is still in the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression.

“The May jobs report illustrates what so many Floridians feel every day — millions of working families are still paying the price for Donald Trump’s inability to manage a crisis. I’m glad this report shows modest improvement, but our economy is still in a bleak state — 21 million Americans are unemployed and the rate of unemployment remains significantly higher in Black, Latino, and Asian communities.

“This crisis didn’t have to be this bad, but Trump was asleep at the wheel when he should have been listening to experts and preparing for the coronavirus. Though we’ve heard a lot of promises, he still has not planned for and executed the rigorous national testing strategy experts warn is at the heart of effectively reopening our economy. We need a president who can lead us out of this crisis swiftly and equitably, and that’s why we’re doing everything we can to elect Vice President Joe Biden in November.”

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