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Florida Democrats Announce $2 Million State and Local Campaign Initiative

Today, the Florida Democratic Party(FDP) announced that Rosy Gonzalez Speers will serve as its first ever Senior Advisor for Down Ballot Elections, overseeing a new push by the FDP to expand the Democratic bench for this election cycle by building power at the municipal, county and state legislative level.

Over the next five months, the FDP’s new Elections Department will invest over $2 million into more than 50 down ballot elections and provide critical data, organizing, digital, and communications support to municipal, county and state house campaigns.

Gonzalez Speers’ appointment represents a rededication to strengthening the Democratic Party at every level, said Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo.

“The policies that improve our lives are just as often local as they are national and we need more Democratic elected officials passing law and policy at the local level. We are dedicating $2 million to elect local leaders who will expand access to affordable healthcare, quality public education, equal opportunity and equal justice in cities and counties across the state.” Rizzo said. “Rosy Gonzalez Speers has a distinguished track record in Democratic politics. She was the founding Executive Director of Forward Florida, has run national and statewide campaigns and remains a trusted advisor to national leaders of our party. We welcome her to the Florida Democratic Party.”

A first generation American from the Dominican Republic, Gonzalez Speers has spent the past two years in Florida after serving as finance director for the MA Democratic Party and as political director for Governor Deval Patrick.

“Every election is important, but the election this year will determine the character of the state for generations. In order to Flip Florida Blue, we must have victories up and down the ballot and drive turnout from the bottom up, as well from the top down. In a one percent state, every vote counts,” Gonzalez Speers said.

The new Elections Department will encompass the successful Municipal Victory Program(MVP) led by Lisa Peth and chaired by Miami Commissioner Ken Russell. which has trained over 600 candidates throughout the state.

To aid in the success of the department, individual donors and organizations including Forward Florida, the Florida Alliance, and organized labor have donated more than $1 million to support the effort.

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