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Three Questions for Corrupt Carlos Gimu00e9nez on His Shady Chinese Dealings

Following explosive corruption allegations at last meeting, County Commission will again discuss Giménez’s China scandal today

The Miami-Dade County Commission meets again today in the cloud of Corrupt Carlos Giménez’s growing China scandal.

As the Commission considers Giménez’s proposal — which was forged in secret yacht meetings in China, backed by his political donors, and ultimately hidden from the public — here are three questions he should answer for all South Floridians:

1) An ethics investigation and subsequent Inspector General report revealed that Giménez went through great lengths to hide his China trip from the public, including altering his own itineraries before sharing them with reporters. Why did Giménez manipulate documents and use burner phones to cover up his trip to China?

2) These reports documented that lobbyists and donors connected to Giménez helped arrange the taxpayer-funded secret yacht parties in China that sold the mayor on a $770 million infrastructure project. Why did Giménez bring his campaign manager, Jesse Manzano-Plaza, and finance chairman, Ralph Garcia-Toledo, to these yacht meetings, but no other lobbyists?

3) At the last Commission meeting, Commissioner Joe Martinez leveled explosive accusations at Giménez: the Mayor purposefully limited competition to pave the way for the Chinese deal. Giménez said he would fire whoever was responsible. What happened at the meeting Martinez described, and who has Giménez held accountable?

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