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The Florida Democratic Party launches new ad calling for an investigation into $50 million contract between Maduro and Republicans

Today, the Florida Democratic Party announced the launch of their new ad: “In the end, we don’t know who they work for” which calls upon Floridians to demand an investigation into who has been implicated in the $50 million dollar contract between Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and ex Republican Congressman David Rivera.

This ad was stylized after an old school style silent film, representing the fact that we’ve already seen this movie play out in our home countries.

The ad calls for people to sign a petition demanding that Marco Rubio resign as Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, and calling for a complete investigation into the involved Republicans, their relationship to David Rivera, and how they benefited from the $15 million dollars that Rivera received.

“While Republicans launch baseless attacks, referring to us as communists and socialists, we want to show the community who is truly with us. Their recent actions show that more than just being Trumpian, Republicans appear to be Chavistas, too.” said Luisana Perez Fernandez, Deputy Communications Director of the Florida Democratic Party and Venezuelan.

“The Florida Democratic Party is focused on reminding the community who will fight for democratic values and democracy and we will not allow Republicans to weaponize the suffering of our communities for their political benefit.”

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