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Former Republican State Rep. and Election Attorney Blasts Trump for Vote By Mail Lies

Yesterday, the Miami Herald published an op-ed by Juan- Carlos ‘J.C.’ Planas, a former Republican State Representative and member of the Miami-Dade County Republican legal team. Planas debunked Donald Trump’s partisan attacks on vote by mail as nothing more than a dangerous electoral strategy that “is an assault on democracy and an attempt to stage an electoral coup.”

Since the Presidential Preference Primary, Florida Democrats have dramatically outperformed Republicans enrolling voters in vote by mail. More than 597,000 Democrats enrolled in vote by mail since March 18th, compared to the more than 351,000 Republicans.

Miami Herald: Juan- Carlos ‘J.C.’ Planas: Trump is flat-out wrong. Mail-in voting is safer, not vulnerable to fraud, like he says | Opinion


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