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In new ad, Democrats hit DeSantis for claims we “succeeded” in tackling COVID-19, insistence that nothing has changed in the past week

In the wake of multiple record shattering days, the Florida Democratic Party has released an ad slamming Ron DeSantis for his claims that Florida had tackled the coronavirus in May. The digital ad also hits DeSantis for his continued insistence that nothing has changed, despite nearly 10,000 additional cases reported yesterday.

The ad titled ‘Nothing has changed’ has been featured on MSNBC and has received nearly 300,000 views on Twitter.

In response to the continued rise in cases, the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party Terrie Rizzo issued the following statement:

“Despite two consecutive record shattering days this weekend, DeSantis wants us to believe that nothing has changed and that we are on the path to reopening the economy safely. With nearly 10,000 cases confirmed just yesterday, it has never been more clear that DeSantis failed Florida. Like his mentor Donald Trump, DeSantis is playing politics instead of prioritizing the health and safety of Floridians.”

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