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5 Questions for Mike Pence Ahead of Tampa Gaggle with Ron DeSantis

1. On Sunday, you said that “…we are literally able to test anyone in the country that would want a test who comes forward.” This is in direct contradiction to what we saw in Florida this week, where test sites closed early because they reached capacity. Why are you misleading the public about our testing capacity? Why hasn’t the Trump administration developed and executed a national testing strategy, more than six months into this crisis? 
2. Yesterday, Donald Trump said, referring to the coronavirus, “I think that, at some point, that’s going to sort of just disappear.” Today, Florida posted a record 10,000 new coronavirus cases and Dr. Fauci has previously shared his concern that cases will continue to rise. Do you agree with the president that the coronavirus will “just disappear,” despite zero evidence of that being the case?  Why didn’t you hold a public coronavirus task force meeting for nearly two months?
3. When you visited Florida at the end of May, you did not wear a mask during a photo-op with Ron DeSantis, sending a message to Floridians to go about their business without safety measures recommended by the CDC. Yesterday, you wore a mask in Arizona. Months after the CDC first recommended face coverings as a critical tool for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, why are you just now wearing a mask? Do you regret not wearing a mask in public sooner? 
4. The majority of Jacksonville voters do not want the Republican National Committee’s convention to come to their town, citing concerns that the event could spread coronavirus. Why is the Trump administration willing to ignore the majority of Jacksonville voters, as well as the nearly 200 doctors who recently called hosting the RNC ‘medically disrespectful to citizens’?
5. The Trump administration is backing a lawsuit in front of the Supreme Court to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Do you stand by Trump’s decision to rip away health care from millions of Americans during a pandemic? 

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