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On 85th Anniversary, Sen. Nelson, U.S. Reps Lawson and Frankel Blasted Trump's Promise to Defund Social Security

“He’s kicking them when they’re already down.” — Congresswoman Lois Frankel

Today, former U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, U.S. Reps. Al Lawson and Lois Frankel, and Barbara DeVane of the Alliance for Retired Americans slammed Donald Trump for threatening Social Security with his promise to ‘terminate’ the payroll tax if he wins re-election. In Florida, Social Security supports more than 4.7 million residents and contributes $107.8 billion to our state economy. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has cost him support among seniors, the largest and most reliable voting bloc in Florida.

Highlights from the virtual press conference:


Former U.S. Senator Bill Nelson:

“We want to talk about Social Security and If there’s ever been a contrast between two candidates, I think we have it now. First of all, look at how important Social Security is to our state… And we’re seeing Donald Trump threaten that, day in and day out. Look what he’s doing, just in the last week, which has been consistent over the last several months. Trump has said he wants to eliminate the payroll tax…the payroll tax is what funds Social Security.”

[…] “I think it’s going to be that age group [65 and older] that is so dominant in Florida that is really going to send a resounding message in this November election.”

Congresswoman Lois Frankel, FL-21:

“We’re in tough times and President Trump is making it harder, especially for older Americans. His failed COVID policies along with the failed leadership of our governor, have led to more deaths, more morbidity, and financial hardship… And now Mr. Trump threatens to destabilize the most important financial lifeline in the United States, Social Security and Medicare.”

[…] “Just as we celebrate the 85th anniversary of the most important financial lifeline, when COVID runs rampant in Florida because of the failed leadership by Trump and DeSantis, Trump takes another swing at our oldest, most vulnerable Americans… You know the old saying, he’s kicking them when they’re already down.”

Congressman Al Lawson, FL-5:

“We have to go to the polls this year to make sure we get someone out of office that is threatening the very livelihood of people in America and I know that we can and we will change the course of who is representing us…”

Barbara DeVane, Alliance for Retired Americans:

“We usually are talking about expanding social security, and here we are today because of Trump talking about defunding Social Security through the payroll tax cut…if we do the right thing on November 3rd, once again we can focus on expanding Social Security, strengthening it.”

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