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State Sen. Annette Taddeo, Leopoldo Martínez, and Dr. Frank Mora Statements on Trump's Americas Policy

Yesterday, the Trump administration announced its new Americas “strategy.” In response, State Sen. Annette Taddeo, former Venezuelan Congressman and DNC member Leopoldo Martínez, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere Dr. Frank Mora released the following statements:

“Donald Trump has paid nothing but lip service to immigrant communities from the Americas for four years, and his last ditch attempt to roll something out 80 days before the election isn’t fooling anyone,” said State Sen. Taddeo. “Donald Trump has attacked critical allies like Colombian President Ivan Duque, who in contrast to the Trump administration, has helped millions of Venezuelan refugees fleeing the Maduro regime. I stand with Joe Biden in this election, who offers a comprehensive vision for lasting peace and democracy in Latin America.”

“Donald Trump has attempted to exploit my community’s pain for political gain, but has nothing to show for it but a rise in deportations and detentions,” said Leopoldo Martínez, Venezuelan American and DNC Member. “He has waffled on supporting Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guaidó, refused to grant Temporary Protected Status to those fleeing the country’s humanitarian crisis, and has expressed a willingness to meet with Maduro, undermining Guaidó and the Venezuelan opposition, therefore strengthening the Dictatorship. Trump also failed to coordinate with the international community and multilateral institutions, weakening the coalition that would leverage on the opportunity presented under the leadership of Guaidó to restore democracy through free and fair elections. Enough with the political stunts and meaningless rhetoric to Venezuelans: Donald Trump had his chance and proved he simply can’t follow through on his promises.”

“After nearly four years in office and just eighty days before the election the Trump administration decides to conveniently announce a strategy for the Americas,” said Dr. Frank Mora, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere. “In eighty days, the Administration cannot reverse nearly four years of ignoring the region and bullying our allies. Its focus on Venezuela and Cuba failed to produce results, only leading those dictatorships to become more entrenched and despotic. The only consistency we have seen from this administration has been in the way it has neglected and undermined our alliances in the Americas. Let’s be clear: the announcement in West Palm Beach just 80 days from the election is yet another example of the Administration’s cynical attempt to confuse voters into believing that it cares (or is engaged) with the region. Once again, voters will not allow the administration to insult their intelligence and manipulate their longing for US leadership in the Americas.”

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