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U.S. Reps. Shalala and Mucarsel-Powell on Pence’s Upcoming Trip to Miami: Enough Political Stunts

In response to the news that Vice President Mike Pence is returning to Miami, Florida on Friday, U.S. Reps Donna Shalala and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell released the following statements:

“Mike Pence — someone who knows nothing about Latin America — is once again coming to Florida, using taxpayer money to try to score political points by misleading South Florida voters. The truth is Donald Trump’s failed leadership hasn’t delivered actual results for the people of Cuba and Venezuela who are suffering at the hands of brutal regimes,” said Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell. “The Trump administration’s focus on Venezuela and Cuba is a desperate attempt to win votes and distract from the fact that Trump and his administration will never help Venezuelans fight for democracy while he’s an ally of Putin. Enough with the political stunts — instead the Trump administration should follow Democrats’ lead and take real action: pass Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans and work with our allies to support Venezuelans yearning for democracy and liberty. Esta administración habla mucho pero no actúa.”

“Another week, another attempt by the Trump administration to spin their broken promises, including the President’s expressed willingness to meet with brutal dictator Nicolás Maduro,” said Congresswoman Shalala. “As the Trump administration desperately tries to distract from their disastrous coronavirus response, Mike Pence is returning to Miami for taxpayer-funded campaign photo op to tout Donald Trump’s ‘support’ for Cubans and Venezuelans — but what does the administration actually have to show for three and a half years in office? Cuba and Venezuela are no closer to democracy, yet detentions and deportations of asylum seekers fleeing these regimes are up. The people of Venezuela and Cuba and their families need action, not empty words of support. That’s what they will get in a Biden-Harris administration: real action to improve the lives of the people of Venezuela and Cuba, by working closely with our allies to build a Western Hemisphere centered around democratic values and a strong middle class.”


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