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Congressman Soto, Kissimmee Commissioner Eady Discuss Housing and Unemployment Crises

On the second day of the Republican National Convention, Congressman Darren Soto and Kissimmee City Commissioner Angela Eady discussed the housing crisis in Central Florida and the need for President Trump to provide more assistance to the renters facing eviction as the unemployment crisis rages in Osceola County.

Access to affordable housing has long been an issue in Central Florida, and the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated this crisis. As Floridians, especially those in Osceola county, continue to face high levels of unemployment, Donald Trump simply isn’t helping. Under his chaotic leadership, he allowed the eviction moratorium to expire and refused to negotiate the HEROES Act.

Congressman Darren Soto:

“As the Republicans are holding their national convention, we see for many of Florida’s families [that] rent is past due, the mortgage hasn’t been paid, bills are piling up and the pandemic seems to have no end in sight. In Central Florida, we need a hero, but lately we have found only a villain in president Trump. It’s been over 100 days since the House Democrats passed the HEROES Act.”

[…] “We pass this bill and we save Florida’s families from being thrown out in the streets, including many Hispanic and African American families that have been hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic… So what is Trump waiting for? Golfing, self-gratifying speeches, and dithering won’t cut it. Neither will tweeting divisive nonsense every day, nor will the unworkable, do-nothing executive orders — those are not working…most of the executive orders related to housing don’t work for Florida — we don’t have as much public housing, we need housing assistance for folks facing foreclosure and evictions in private residences and apartment buildings as well.

“House Democrats have already met the president half way…and he’s refused to compromise.”

[…] “This is the last major leadership test before the general election and Donald Trump has once again failed to rise to the occasion to the detriment of millions of Florida’s families. Joe Biden will unite the country in leadership and action.”

Kissimmee City Commissioner Angela Eady:

“We as the city of Kissimmee have provided assistance to our local residents with… rental payments as well as mortgage payments, but we need more. We need more. And in order to get that, we need Vice President to be our president, to help us recover from this horrific pandemic that we are experiencing. It is not going to get any better as far as providing assistance unless we elect [Vice] President Joe Biden to be our president, to guide us, to give correct and accurate directions to our governor on how to provide assistance [to] the residents here.

“We need assistance and we need it now. We have people that are living in hotels… the hotel is not set up for a permanent residence for a citizen. We need affordable housing.”

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