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“Never Trumper”-Turned-MAGA Lackey, Jeanette Nuñez Speaks on Behalf of “Biggest Con-Man There Is”

In 2016, Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez tweeted that Donald Trump was the “biggest con-man there is” and accused him of being a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. Instead of being “#NeverTrump,” as she claimed in 2016, she’s now fully backing the president she once accused of supporting white supremacy.

When asked in 2018, Nuñez didn’t take back what she wrote about Donald Trump, saying, “it is what it is.” Strikingly, that phrase is exactly what President Trump said about 1,000 Americans dying each day during the coronavirus pandemic. Nuñez apparently dropped her accusations that he supports white supremacists after he passed the tax scam — when asked if she believes he is “now credible” after criticizing him two years prior she responded, “I think he’s done a lot of good policies that have helped Floridians, starting with the tax cut and on other issues.”

“Donald Trump certainly hasn’t changed since Nuñez tweeted her criticism — he continues to sow division, lie to the American people, and traffic in hate,” said FDP spokeswoman Frances Swanson. “While it’s clear Republican leadership has settled for chaos and incompetence, the American people don’t have to.”


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