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FDP Demands Information About Corrupt Carlos Giménez’s Unethical Census Ads

Unable to raise campaign cash, Corrupt Mayor Carlos Giménez is using the county government he controls to — yet again — spend taxpayer dollars promoting himself.

In an explosive report, Miami’s NBC 6 reveals that Giménez is running thousands of ads featuring himself using taxpayer dollars in Florida’s 26th District, where he is running for congress: “NBC 6 obtained the cable contract for Miami-Dade from the county showing Miami-Dade paid $23,409 for the PSA to run 7,020 times across the county and down to the Florida Keys.” The Florida Keys are not part of Miami-Dade County, but are part of the Congressional District Giménez wants to represent.

Today, the Florida Democratic Party is filing Sunshine Requests under Florida’s freedom of information laws to get to the bottom of his latest corrupt act.
“South Floridians deserve answers about Corrupt Carlos’s abuse of taxpayer dollars to promote his stalled campaign for Congress. Instead of fighting for the people of Miami-Dade as they grapple with the worst health and economic crises of our lifetimes, Mayor Giménez is focused on advancing his own political future. This is exactly what people hate about Corrupt Carlos’s brand of self-serving politics,” said FDP spokeswoman, Alexandra Caffrey.

Today’s Sunshine filings demand information of Corrupt Carlos’s whereabouts, correspondence, and records of payment to TV stations. We will keep the public informed of what we hear back from the Giménez Administration.

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