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Trump and DeSantis Downplay Risk of Coronavirus as Florida Schools Reopen, Cases Among Children Rise

As Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis continue to downplay the risk of the coronavirus to young people, infectious disease experts caution that asymptomatic spread among children can worsen the coronavirus outbreak. As schools across Florida reopen, the state is already experiencing a rise in coronavirus cases among children, with some schools already re-closing its doors. 

While everyone wants students back in schools, Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have demanded schools reopen without offering the necessary guidance or resources to do it safely. Instead, they have threatened schools, failed to pass another coronavirus relief package to boost funding for schools, and spread misinformation about the risk coronavirus poses to young people. 

Trump and DeSantis continue to  downplay the risk of coronavirus transmission among children, contradicting infectious disease experts. 

Schools across Florida are already experiencing coronavirus cases as students return to attending in-person classes.

Florida Department of Health continues to keep the public in the dark about COVID-19 cases.

Not just Florida: children are being exposed to major outbreaks at schools across the country.