Trump’s Convention Chaos Cost Jacksonville Taxpayers

New reporting from the Florida Times-Union exposed that Jacksonville taxpayers are footing a six-figure bill to pay for Donald Trump’s reckless decision to move the Repbulican National Convention to Jacksonville after being told they must follow coronavirus safety guidelines in North Carolina. 

Trump’s ego trip hit a series of roadblocks that culminated in the Jacksonville Sheriff saying that they would not be able to provide security for the event, citing inadequate time and resources. 

“In one way or another, Donald Trump’s chaotic leadership during this pandemic has cost Floridians dearly, but now it’s clear that Jacksonville taxpayers are paying extra for Trump’s incompetence,” said FDP spokesperson Frances Swanson. “Trump’s ego-trip wasted precious time and resources during a pandemic, proving once again that Trump puts himself first, and Americans last.”

Florida Times Union: City of Jacksonville logged costs of up to $153,602 on Republican National Convention


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