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Corrupt Carlos hit with ethics complaint after explosive new Herald report

 Following a new investigation from the Miami Herald, Carlos Giménez got hit with another ethics complaint today for using Miami-Dade taxpayer money to fund an advertising campaign for Congress in Monroe County.
“The Miami Herald already reported that Giménez has been running ‘an unofficial campaign through his official capacity.’ And after getting caught spending our money outside the County,  his quasi-campaign ads have been pulled from the air for potentially violating federal rules,” said FDP spokeswoman, Alexandra Caffrey. “Corrupt Carlos’ corruption truly knows no bounds.”

The following ethics complaint was filed with the Miami Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust today by a concerned citizen of the County:

Mr. Jose Arrojo,
I am filing this complaint to allege a violation within the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission because I believe Mayor Carlos Giménez has violated Section 2-11.1(g) of the Ethics Code: Exploitation of Official Position, by misusing public resources. 
New reporting from NBC Miami and the Miami Herald shows that Miami-Dade County purchased television advertising prominently featuring Mayor Giménez outside of Miami-Dade County. The advertising extended south to Monroe County, which Mayor Giménez is running to represent in the 26th Congressional District. 

Quoting NBC’s report:
“The fact the PSA will air in the Florida Keys, part of the Monroe County government, raises similar concerns over emergency texts which were sent by Miami-Dade with Mayor Gimenez’s name labeled on them earlier this Spring. The Florida Keys are not in Miami-Dade County but are within the boundaries of District 26 where Gimenez is trying to unseat Mucarsel-Powell.”
I believe that Giménez, as the chief executive of the County, may have knowingly used County resources to promote his own political campaign. This use of taxpayer resources for personal gain fits a pattern of behavior for Mayor Giménez, and must be investigated promptly.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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