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FDP Statement on Mayor Giménez’s choice to not use the American Airlines Arena as a polling location

Today, the Miami-Dade Mayor’s office indicated that instead of using the American Airlines Arena as a polling place this November, they will be using a location elsewhere with less parking, less visibility, and less space.

The NBA has been working diligently with arenas and county governments across the country, including in Orlando, to expand voting access through the use of arenas as polling places, and the choice by Mayor Carlos Giménez to not take advantage of the generous and potentially life-saving offer by the Miami Heat is is both anti-democratic and irresponsible. 

Statement from FDP Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo:

“Today’s decision from Mayor Giménez is an insult to Democracy. Voters want to vote safely and without lines. But instead of upholding his responsibility to the citizens of Miami-Dade, Mayor Carlos Giménez took a page out of Donald Trump’s voter suppression playbook. He shut down an opportunity to protect voters during a pandemic, while simultaneously using the power of his government office to benefit his own political motivations”

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