Florida Democrats Unveil New Video Exposing Corrupt Carlos Giménez’s Disastrous Campaign

Corrupt Carlos is running out of time to right the ship on his disastrous run for Congress.

A new Florida Democratic Party video highlights some of the lowlights of Giménez’s weak campaign: his pattern of corruption, his shady use of taxpayer money to campaign, his attempts to suppress the vote, his lackluster fundraising, his failure to contain COVID, and more — all captured by local and national media headlines.
Watch: “Disaster”

“Corrupt Carlos Giménez can’t go a week without a bad headline, and each time he puts his foot in his mouth, he reminds South Florida voters that he is more interested in expanding his power, wealth, and influence than serving them,” said Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Alexandra Caffrey. “If past is prologue, Corrupt Carlos is in for a rough 55 days before Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell sends him into political retirement.”

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