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Miami Herald Opinion – Mayor Giménez and his family live off the public sector, but we shouldn’t, he says

In a new op-ed in the Miami Herald, Fabiola Santiago highlights Corrupt Carlos’ hypocrisy of “profiting off the public sector, drawing hefty paychecks from the payrolls of the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County, traveling the world on the public’s dime.” 
The piece also points out his hypocritical and dangerous attacks on Floridians’ health care and the parallels between Trump and Giménez, specifically when it comes to nepotism.  “Corrupt Carlos is running for higher office to continue his lifelong work of profiting off public dollars at the expense of working Floridians,” said FDP Spokeswoman Alexandra Caffrey. “Corrupt Carlos’ crooked history speaks for itself, and we cannot allow it to reach the halls of Congress.”

 Highlights from this groundbreaking op-ed:

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