Florida Democratic Party Fact Checks Ivanka Trump Ahead of Tampa Visit

Today, Ivanka Trump announced she’s returning to Florida to campaign for her father. In her prepared statement announcing her visit to Tampa, she rattled off a litany of lies about her father’s record. To keep Ivanka honest ahead of her visit to the Sunshine State, we’ve fact checked her statement. 

“It’s sad that Ivanka Trump can’t talk about the president’s time in the White House without making stuff up,” said Frances Swanson, FDP spokesperson. “Here in reality, Donald Trump hasn’t come close to achieving any of what Ivanka’s claimed — in fact, drug prices have risen, Trump’s tax scam will end up raising taxes for 3.6 million Floridians, and he’s actively undermined protections for trafficking victims. Donald Trump will lose this election because he failed to deliver on his promises and then spent months gaslighting Floridians instead of getting the job done. A smoke and mirrors visit for an aptly named ‘fireside chat’ with the president’s daughter isn’t going to change the fact that Donald Trump’s inability to lead has strapped this state with the worst health and economic crises on record.”

Fact checking Ivanka Trump’s statement announcing her Tampa visit: 

IVANKA TRUMP: “‘The President has fought for Florida priorities, including combatting human trafficking, lowering prescription drug costs, increased access to childcare, cutting taxes for hardworking families and prioritizing our great military,’ she added. ‘President Trump will continue to be a champion for the people of Florida in his second term.’”

On “combatting human trafficking”

On “lowering prescription drug costs”

On “increased access to child care” 

On “cutting taxes for hardworking families”

On “prioritizing our great military”

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