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ICYMI: DeSantis Prioritizes Criminalizing Protest Over Helping Floridians in Potential Special Session

On Tuesday, Governor DeSantis said that he would push to prioritize his criminalization of protest and anti-first amendment bill in any special legislative session that occurs, even the one-day procedural session in November. 

In response Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo release the following statement: 

“Governor Ron DeSantis needs to get his priorities straight. The lives and livelihoods of many Floridians have been impacted by a set of concurrent crises. From the aftermath of Hurricane Sally in the panhandle, to COVID-19, to a broken unemployment system, and a lack of healthcare access, Floridians desperately need resources from the state and for months Governor DeSantis has failed to deliver. 

“Now instead of focusing on the actual needs of our communities, Governor Ron DeSantis wants to focus any upcoming legislative time on a political stunt to criminalize protest and strip people of their rights. This is deeply disappointing, but not surprising.  The Florida Democratic Party  stands with our vulnerable residents and those impacted by Hurricane Sally and urges Governor DeSantis and the Republican legislators to refocus their priorities on things that our communities actually need.”


A report in the Sun Sentinel on Tuesday further outlined Florida Democrats’ reactions to this ludicrous bill and the suggested Republican priorities of a special session. 

Sun Sentinel: Florida lawmakers blast DeSantis: ‘Mr. Governor, you have 99 problems, but protesters ain’t one’

By Wayne K. Roustan | September 22, 2020 


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