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Jacksonville veterans blast Trump’s record of disrespecting veterans, military families ahead of Trump’s rally

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Jacksonville tomorrow, Florida veterans blasted Donald Trump today for his failures as Commander-in-Chief, including ignoring Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers and repeatedly and blatantly disparaging our service members and military families. They highlighted why they are not just voting against Donald Trump, but for Joe Biden because of his experience, strong leadership, and reverence for our veterans and military personnel. 

According to August polling, military service members are increasingly expressing support for Vice President Biden over Trump, directly undercutting Trump’s claims that his support among service members is strong. 



Command Sergeant Major Michele Jones

“The commander-in-chief’s words, actions and deeds, must never come into question regarding the responsibility, respect, honor and duty to our service members and families. Never during my military career or in my life have I ever heard such disrespect, disregard, disparaging comments and betrayal of my brothers and sisters in arms from a commander-in-chief. […]

We expect our commander-in-chief to be there. As a veteran and a citizen of this country, I support joe biden. There are many reasons, and here are just a few…I trust him to do what he says, to own up to what he does and does not do. He is a part of the military and he understands.” 

Master Sergeant George Gillis 

“Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be in the White House any longer. He doesn’t know anything about serving with others, caring for others and only for himself and his personal gains. We need a commander-in-chief who will allow himself to show compassion and strength for our military service members, men and women. We need a president that will back us up in time of war and in time of peace. […]

“President Trump, my goodness, I could say he has not backed up our service members, men and women. We need a strong commander-in-chief who will give his all for this country and for the men and women that this country. We need a kind of president like former Vice President Joe Biden, who really loves this country, who really loves the citizens of this country.” 

Joseph Maceo George

“For the last several years, we have had a lack of leadership in the White House. As a veteran, we have had little support by our commander-in-chief. President Trump has repeatedly failed our veterans and ignored the sacred obligation. President Donald Trump never confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin over the intelligence reports finding that Russia offered the Talbian bounties for killing American troops in Afghanistan. Trump knows nothing about service or sacrifice. His disrespect for the veterans who never came home is an insult to all who served. He called them ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’ DOnald Trump does not care about veterans in this country. […]

“Donald Trump is unfit to be president of this country. Now why do I support Joe Biden? Joe Biden is a proven leader. He has values, and [is] someone [who] we can trust in the White House. He will make sure the men and women who fought for this country have someone who will fight for them. He is a leader who will rebuild this country and unite this country.”

Former Naval Commander Dave Rogers

“I have long been deeply troubled and personally offended by President Trump’s demeanor and conduct, especially as it relates to his attitude toward military service. His contempt for American heroes, like Senator John McCain or his disdain for Gold Star families who don’t happen to support him, are deeply offensive to me. Especially from a man of wealth and privilege, who has never served this country, even in the office he now holds.

“Joe Biden is a decent man. He knows the value of service, the meaning of sacrifice, and the inextricable link between faith and honor. I believe Joe Biden will keep faith with our men and women in uniform, and honor their service and sacrifice.”

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