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3 Questions for Donald Trump Ahead of His Miami Campaign Stop

Today, Donald Trump is hosting a campaign stop in Miami to once again distract from his broken promises and failed leadership that has led to the worst health and economic crises in a century. Here are 3 questions Donald Trump should answer today: 

1. You are fighting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would strip protections for people with pre-existing conditions and leave millions of Floridians without health care, including many in Miami, the ”Obamacare capital of the U.S..”  You still haven’t come up with a detailed replacement plan. Why haven’t you delivered on your promise to “come up with a plan that’s far better and far less money”  — or really any health care plan for that matter? 

2. Earlier this week, you said that the coronavirus affects “virtually nobody.” More than 200,000 Americans, including more than 13,700 Floridians, have died in the last six months due to the coronavirus. Why are you continuing to lie to Americans about the severity of the coronavirus, after admitting in private that this is ‘deadly stuff’? 

3. You held trademarks in Cuba to build golf courses, hotels, and casinos two years into your presidency. You had previously promised not to pursue business in Cuba until the nation was “free.”  Why did you pursue business in Cuba in private, while criticizing the regime in public? Why did you break your promise to Cuban Americans?

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