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Florida Democrats Launch $400,000 Digital Ad Buy Focused on Down Ballot Candidates, Building on Previous Investment

The Florida Democratic Party announced Monday that they are investing in a major digital ad buy focused on down ballot candidates. The overall ad buy is over $400,000 and will include more than a dozen region specific ads highlighting local candidates and will be anchored by a statewide ad “Missed,” which impresses the importance of voting for Democrats at every level of government.   

“For 21 years Florida has been decimated by Republican rule. And beyond their historic negligence, Republicans in Florida have failed to lead during our current crisis. From an unemployment system they designed to fail, to a lack of mask mandates, Republican leaders have left everyday Floridians to fend for themselves. This is unacceptable and we know it’s time for change,” said Rosy Gonzalez Speers, Senior Advisor at the Florida Democratic Party.

There are an unprecedented number of Democrats running for office in Florida at every single level— and the Florida Democratic Party is committed to helping elect these leaders. This digital campaign builds on the previous investments in the down ballot program at the party, which includes grants to campaigns to run their own facebook ads, tech support, and campaign tools. The program is focused on electing local candidates across the state and ushering in a new era for Florida. 
“Missed” and region specific ads will run on Connected TV, Facebook and YouTube through election day. The ad leads voters to where they can register to vote, request a vote by mail ballot, and find all of the Democratic candidates who will be on their specific ballot.

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