“Trump first, Americans last:” Florida Dems Chair Slams Trump on Tax Return Revelations

In response to the bombshell New York Times report uncovering years worth of Donald Trump’s taxes, Florida Democratic Party chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement: 

“This report makes clear once again that Donald Trump’s motto has always been: Trump first, Americans last. While Trump raised taxes on millions of middle class families and gave a massive handout to his Mar-a-Lago crowd, he paid just $750 in his first year in office. Trump is a self-proclaimed ‘billionaire,’ but paid less in taxes than most Floridians, including those working hard on the frontlines during this pandemic. Floridians deserve a president of integrity who is focused on serving the people, not himself — and that’s what we’re going to get when we elect Joe Biden in November.” 

Trump’s Broken Promises on Taxes

Promise:  “I’m going to massively lower your taxes. That’s businesses and that’s middle income. That’s everybody.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Fort Meyers, FL, 9/19/16]

Reality: The GOP-Trump tax bill would raise taxes on 3.6 million Florida residents by 2027, most of whom will have incomes less than $78,500. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 12/16/17]

Promise: Trump: “I’ll push to expand freedom for all of our citizens. I’m going to lower your taxes so substantially.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Miami, FL, 9/16/16]

Reality: In 2019, the richest 1% of florida taxpayers will receive 40% of the state’s share of the tax cuts under the republican tax bill. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 12/16/17]

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