Ahead of Debate, Trump Still Attacking Floridians’ Health Care and Protections for Pre-existing Conditions

As Donald Trump takes the debate stage tonight, Floridians will remember how, amid a deadly pandemic that has already taken the lives of more than 14,000 Floridians, Trump is suing to overturn the ACA. With the Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments on the case just one week after the election, the stakes couldn’t be higher for Floridians. 

“During tonight’s debate, don’t let Donald Trump distract you from the fact that he is fighting tooth and nail to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a plan for the millions of Floridians who will lose coverage or see their premiums skyrocket,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo. “Trump’s had four years to deliver on his promises and he’s come up empty handed. Joe Biden is ready on day one to deliver for Floridians and improve access to quality, affordable care.”

Trump’s Broken Promises on Health Care 

In 2016, Trump promised Floridians that he was going to create a new health care program and that people would be paying less for health insurance. 

This was a lie. In reality, Trump has pushed “junk health insurance,” proposed cutting billions in funding for Medicaid and Medicare, and still has not produced a replacement plan for the ACA 

In the midst of a pandemic, Trump is fighting to overturn the ACA, which could result in 8 Floridians with pre-existing conditions losing protections. 

If Trump succeeds in terminating the ACA, Floridians would see higher costs 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan to build off the Affordable Care Act by expanding coverage and lowering costs for health care and prescription drugs 

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