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ICYMI: Florida Vaccine Rollout Marred by Disorganization

“Governor Ron DeSantis has once again failed to rise to the occasion”

Today during a press conference Governor DeSantis gave us more of the same. Instead of taking responsibility for the failed vaccine rollout and his lack of plan, DeSantis shifted blame, abdicated responsibility, and offered no solutions. 

“With this flawed vaccine rollout, Governor DeSantis has once again failed to rise to the occasion,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo. “Instead of taking responsibility for the disastrous rollout, Governor DeSantis is blaming hospitals and doctors for rollout problems— saying that he will take away vaccine allotments, when he is the one without a plan. Meanwhile, he is also ignoring constituent complaints about impossibly long lines and confusing systems.  Floridians have a right to be outraged.” 

And in case you hadn’t noticed the Florida Department of Health website, where people go to make vaccine appointments, is down today. 

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Sun Sentinel: Outrage over Florida’s bungled vaccine roll-out | Letters to the Editor

Jan 3rd, 2021

“Once again our governor has created a fiasco. There are websites that don’t work, phone numbers that are always busy, and more promises about how easy it is for seniors to get their Covid shots. There are nurses and doctors who are even having trouble making appts. This reminds me of the disaster I encountered when I was trying to sign up for unemployment.”

“Gov. DeSantis has been inept in assuring vaccination for those requiring it. There is not enough vaccine in Palm Beach County. The Health Department knew weeks ago that it should prepare to administer the vaccine, yet it is incapable of setting up a digital appointment function appropriate for a county of 1.5 million”

Washington Post: Coronavirus vaccine has arrived, but frustrated Americans are struggling to sign up

Brittany Shammas and Lori Rozsa | Jan 3rd 2021

“Barbara Shlevin has kept a running tally of calls she made in search of the coronavirus vaccine. By Wednesday, she had tried the health department and a hospital system in Broward County, Fla., 184 times”

For days after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced that the potentially lifesaving vaccine would be available to seniors, Shlevin had no idea when she and her husband would have a chance at it.

Orlando Sentinel: Vaccine rollout at Florida’s long-term care facilities marred by ‘mediocre’ response, lack of information

Kate Santich | Jan 1st, 2021

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