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Florida Democratic Party Chair Blasts Republican State Legislators and Gov. DeSantis for Trying to Criminalize Peaceful Protest

On Wednesday January 27th the House Criminal Justice and Safety Subcommittee voted to advance HB 1, which is an anti civil-rights bill devised by Governor DeSantis and Republican Legislators to criminalize peaceful protest, out of committee. This is deeply disappointing and in light of this vote today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement: 

“Governor DeSantis’ anti-protest bill, HB 1, is an egregious and dangerous attempt to strip Floridians of their civil liberties, criminalize peaceful protest, and give licenses to kill or injure protestors. Instead of calling out the treasonous insurrection and calling for accountability of speakers and participants or dealing with the issues facing Floridians like the spread of COVID-19, economic relief or fixing the broken unemployment system, DeSantis and Republican legislators are focused on political stunts aimed squarely at people who disagree with them. I am deeply disappointed that the subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Safety voted to advance this disastrous piece of legislation out of committee.”


This bill institutes a host of draconian policies that would directly criminalize protest, here are just a few components.

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