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Florida Democratic Party Chair Calls Out Ridiculous Bill that Aims to Prevent Certain Populations from Receiving the 15$ Minimum Wage

Yesterday, Republican legislator Rep. Jeff Brandes filed a bill that would prevent certain populations from receiving the 15$ minimum wage, such as workers under the age 21, those convicted of felonies, state prisoners, and “other hard-to-hire employees”, although he doesn’t clarify who “hard to hire employees” are. In response to this ridiculous and unnecessary bill Florida Democratic Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement:

“This bill is just another example of Republicans deciding that the will of the people is not enough and that they are entitled to clarify and limit the parameters of a duly passed amendment. It is not the Republicans job to limit the minimum wage increase for populations they apparently deem unworthy. It is ridiculous and discriminatory. Floridians already voted by over 60% to increase the minimum wage to 15$ an hour. It is as simple as that.

“Instead of taking steps to disenfranchise people the Republican representatives should focus their energy on things Floridians actually need like, COVID relief and a remedy for the broken unemployment system.”


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