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Florida Democratic Party Calls on Senators Rubio and Scott to Quickly Vote on COVID Relief Today and Get Floridians the Help They So Desperately Need

Today the United States Senate is taking the next step towards getting Americans the COVID relief they need by passing a Budget Resolution on President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. This comprehensive bill targets the challenges Americans are facing in every aspect of their daily lives addressing everything from housing to health care to education and vaccine access. Yet despite the life and death nature of this legislation, Republicans in the Senate have threatened to attempt purely political votes to stall the bill in what is known as a vote-a-rama.  

In response, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement calling on Marco Rubio and Rick Scott to rise above the partisan fray and quickly move to pass the Budget Resolution.

“Floridians need COVID relief now. Our unemployment system is broken, small businesses are struggling, over 27,000 people have died and cases are still extremely high because our Governor refuses to address the crisis. So it is essential the Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott stop playing politics with the lives and livelihoods of their constituents for once, and quickly move to pass the Budget Resolution on the American Rescue Plan. If they don’t, Senators Rubio and Scott will have to explain to the many unemployed and sick Floridians why they are choosing to delay a vote on COVID relief.”

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