Statement Condemning the Senseless Violence in Atlanta and Anti-Asian Hate

Late Tuesday evening 8 people were killed in shootings at Atlanta area massage parlors in what is likely an act of violent anti-Asian hate. A recent development also shows that the suspect was likely on his way to Florida to commit more acts of senseless violence when he was apprehended. In the wake of this tragedy Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz, released the following statement condemning the violence and anti-Asian hate.
“My heart is with the victims, their families, and all of those impacted by shootings in Atlanta last night, including the greater Asian American community across the country that has seen a rise in senseless hatred and acts of violence since the start of this pandemic. These shootings are a devastating example of two of the most serious epidemics facing our country today, gun violence and rising anti-Asian hate, which is fueled in part by irresponsible and racist rhetoric. We must commit to fighting both epidemics with the fierce urgency they require–  lives are at stake.”

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