FDP Calls on Congressman Matt Gaetz to Resign and for Senators Rubio and Scott to Comment on the Investigation

In light of recent reporting that Congressman Matt Gaetz is being investigated by the Department of Justice for child sex trafficking as well as reporting that he shared nude photos with colleagues on the House floor among other toxic and illegal behavior, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement calling on him to resign immediately. 

“Disgraced Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz must resign immediately. Even as we await the results of the investigation into his child sex trafficking, we know enough details to know the Congressman can no longer properly govern and be trusted to represent the best interests of his constituents. Congressman Gaetz has created a toxic and inappropriate work environment for women throughout his career and is not fit to lead. These revelations also tragically put into perspective his solitary no vote against a human trafficking bill in 2017.  

“Additionally, it is past time for Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio to comment on their colleague’s despicable behavior— or are they okay with fellow Republicans trafficking underage women and showing nude photos of women on the House floor?  Their silence speaks volumes.” 


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