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Florida Democratic Party calls Out Gov. DeSantis and Florida Republicans for focusing more on partisan politics than helping Floridians

As Florida legislative session comes to a close we can see that the Republicans in the Florida House and Senate and Governor Ron DeSantis are more interested in petty partisan politics than actually helping Floridians. 

In response, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement:
“Rather than governing with the best interests of all Floridians in mind, it is abundantly clear that the Florida Republicans and Governor DeSantis are engaged in bad faith, partisan politics designed to do one thing and one thing only — maintain their 20 year+ total control and power over state government, in spite of whatever damage it inflicts on our residents and our democracy. From making it harder to vote in Florida with blatant voter suppression legislation, to criminalizing peaceful protest, to passing a malicious and discriminatory anti-trans youth bill, Republicans chose to wage a culture war this legislative session, instead of addressing real issues Floridians are facing. 

“Every community across Florida is still struggling from this pandemic, our unemployment benefits are still among the lowest in the country, and will still have not expanded Medicaid, but the Republicans don’t care. They seem to relish the suffering and pain they keep on inflicting on the people. They would rather focus their legislative time protecting their power and enacting Fox News talking points than leveraging our state government to actually help Floridians.”

Here are some of the things Florida Republicans did this session: 

Here are some of the things they DID NOT do: 

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