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ICYMI: DeSantis Budget only possible because of the American Rescue Plan

This morning Governor Ron DeSantis signed the state budget and conveniently forgot to mention the nearly 10.2 billion dollars in funding from the American Rescue Plan that supports it.

“Florida has President Biden and the Democrats in Congress to thank for our budget that includes billions to help Florida recover from this pandemic and build back better,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus Dixon. “But today Governor DeSantis neglected to mention the assistance from the federal government, even though his so-called “victory” was only possible because of the Democrats. In fact, Ron DeSantis spoke out against the American Rescue Plan and every single one of his Republican friends in the Florida Congressional delegation voted against the plan that provided so much funding to his budget.”

Here’s what Democrats across Florida are saying about the budget: 

Florida Senate Democrats: 

“Thanks to President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress passing the “American Rescue Plan,” the Governor can tout a state budget that helps Florida recover from the pandemic, allocating billions for the environment, public schools, and community healthcare.  A big chunk of the $10 billion from the federal stimulus act added to a bounty of transportation and economic development projects all over the state. The money even allowed the governor to dole out $1,000 bonuses to law enforcement, firefighters, and other front line emergency workers.

“Unfortunately, as he took his victory lap to hand out the bonuses, and brag about the many programs rescued as a result of the federal help, the governor never once directed thanks to those who made this possible. It was a crass example of freeloading off the hard work of others he doesn’t want to acknowledge because he doesn’t agree with their politics. Shame on the governor. When the President and Congressional Democrats stepped up to the plate, there were no political litmus tests. There was only the question of how to help. And how to do so quickly.”

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried:

“The Governor will be quick to take credit for everything stuffed into our state’s largest-ever budget, but what’s more telling is what he won’t talk about: a billion-dollar tax increase on families signed in the dark of night, a million dollars in raises for his political appointees, and a raise for himself with a million Floridians out of work. It’s just the latest example of a rigged, corrupt system that has to be broken and rebuilt. And while the Governor won’t give an ounce of credit to President Biden and congressional Democrats who bailed out Florida through the American Rescue Plan, I thank them for the forward-thinking leadership our state has lacked for so long.”

Congressman Charlie Crist

Here’s a fact check for Gov. DeSantis: the funding that made this budget possible was delivered by the American Rescue Plan I fought for in Congress alongside President Joe Biden,” Crist said in a statement. “Without the American Rescue Plan, Florida would be facing harsh budget cuts — but Gov. DeSantis is so focused on dividing Floridians for personal gain that he can’t admit that. He can’t tell the truth.”

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