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FDP Chair Manny Diaz Statement on Ongoing Protests in Cuba

In response to the ongoing protests in Cuba Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement.

“As I write this, the Cuban government is showing the world that it is nothing more than a repressive tyranny, holding on to a failed and cruel economic and political model. Miguel Diaz Canel’s orders to beat and arrest peaceful protesters, and his calls for confrontation between his supporters and the protesters are basically a call for a civil war within the island. Make no mistake, this is call for bloodshed, while the country suffers one of its worst humanitarian crises in decades.

“People in Cuba are desperate, and rightly so. The dictatorship’s disastrous policies have caused terrible shortages of basic elements such as food and medicine. While the rest of the world recovers from the pandemic, the reports of record infections on the island sadden me and frustrate me. A dictatorship that boasts about its healthcare system has failed miserably at vaccinating its own people and people are dying as a result of its failures.

“I call on all Americans to stand with the Cuban people in this dark hour while their government chooses to repress them instead of tending to their needs. I am calling the Biden Administration to coordinate the proper response. People in the streets of Havana and Palma Soriano are justly calling for ‘homeland and life’ while waving Cuban and American flags. This is not a partisan issue, but one that should unite our entire community. The people of Cuba need us now.

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