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Florida Families Start Receiving Monthly Tax Cut

Every Single Republican in Congress Voted Against These Tax Cuts, Which Are Set to Cut Child Poverty in Half

Today, Thursday, July 15 is the first day Floridians will start receiving a monthly tax cut of up to $300 per child as part of the American Rescue Plan. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, and no thanks to Republicans in Congress who unanimously opposed this relief plan, this tax cut will provide additional relief of up to $1,600 per child to the families of 3.8 million children in Florida, helping lift 272,000 children in the state out of poverty. 

Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement highlighting the program: 

“These payments are great news for Florida families. It will help them cover expenses like child care, back to school materials, groceries and more. It will also help support folks returning to work who lost their income or employment during the pandemic, especially mothers. Nationwide it will lift millions of children out of poverty. Simply said, the expanded Child Tax Credit is one of the largest-ever single-year tax cuts for families with children, and it is all happening thanks to President Biden and the Democrats. Not a single Republican voted for it in Congress. This includes Sen. Marco Rubio, who puts partisanship above the well-being of Floridians.”

“These middle class tax cuts represent a historic investment in our kids, our families and our economic future. President Biden and the Democrats are delivering, and will continue to deliver, for Florida’s working families.”

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