Statement by Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz on Trump’s Hypocritical Comments on the Cuba Situation

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Díaz issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s selfish and hypocritical comments on the situation in Cuba.

Background: During a similar situation in Venezuela in January of 2019 Trump promised interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó that he would unflinchingly support him and that ‘all options were on the table,’ knowing full well that a military option was not being seriously considered. This weakened President Guaidó’s hand, who was blamed by many Venezuelans for the lack of a military response from the United States.

“Ex-President Donald Trump’s recent statements on the current situation in Cuba are simply a continuation of his habitual pattern of hypocrisy, populism and demagoguery. When confronted with massive protests in Venezuela after the illegitimate inauguration of Nicolas Maduro in January of 2019, following an election plagued by misconduct and fraud, Trump offered little more than harsh words and very little action.

If anything, Trump was a gift to dictators throughout the world who oppress and suffocate their people. His fawning admiration for tyrants and despots abroad, which characterized his years in office, was a stain on our country, whether it was his almost servile relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to ‘falling in love’ with North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un.

As the son of a political prisoner, nothing can be more insulting to me and my family. Trump cynically used the pain of our communities for political gain. Make no mistake, this is nothing more than a reprehensible ploy that plays on the emotions of everyone fighting for a free and democratic Cuba just to get himself elected in 2024 or satisfy his obsession with himself and power.”

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