Statement from FDP Chair Manny Diaz in Response to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Visit to Miami

Today, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will visit Miami’s Versailles Restaurant to attend a rally focused on Cuba.

In reaction to Leader’s McCarthy’s visit, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz issued the following statement:

“Throughout the long years that we Cuban exiles in Florida have suffered as our homeland has been mismanaged and destroyed by a brutal and incompetent communist regime, we have become accustomed to certain things. One of them is seeing insincere, carpetbagging Washington Republicans coming down to Miami looking to reap the political benefits that often accrue from pandering to our community. 

“It was, therefore, no surprise to learn that House Minority Leader would be rushing to South Florida in the wake of the recent pro-democracy protests in Cuba. Like so many before, he will wax poetic over a pastelito and a coladaabout just how quickly democracy could be brought to Cuba if, but only if, Republicans were once again handed the reins of power. In our community, it has become a sad cliché.

“What makes Minority Leader’s McCarthy’s visit to Miami more galling than usual, though, is the fact that he is one of the least credible voices possible when it comes to championing the ideals of democracy. 

“His craven attempts to undermine the House’s investigations into the violent insurrection targeting Congress on January 6th and his vote to overturn the results of the 2020 elections are all the evidence we need that Kevin McCarthy’s words in support of democracy have no weight whatsoever. McCarthy’s coddling of a failed, twice-impeached ex-president who inspired an attack on the seat of our Legislative Branch, and tried to coerce public officials into assisting him in his attempts to remain in power despite having lost the elections, is emblematic of Leader McCarthy’s disdain for democracy and its values.

“If House Minority Leader McCarthy is so interested in defending democracy, civility and the rule of law he should start by first changing his own ways. He should then follow up by leading a renewal of his own party so it will uphold those same principles right here at home. If he feels some pastelitos and colada might help steel his resolve, we are sure delivery can be arranged.”

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