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Marco Rubio & Rick Scott Reject Bipartisan Plan To Create Millions Of Jobs And Fix Florida’s Infrastructure

Today, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott voted against a historic bipartisan infrastructure plan that will create millions of jobs across the country, help the U.S. compete with countries like China, and fix Florida’s roads, bridges, and transit. 

“Marco Rubio and Rick Scott lacked the courage to do what is best for Florida by voting against improving Florida’s roads and bridges, creating good-paying jobs, and expanding high-speed internet,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus L. Dixon. “Floridians are fed up with Rubio and Scott’s weak and self-serving actions that once again would make it harder for them to access health care services, find good-paying jobs, and stay safe on the roads.” 

Here are just some of the ways Florida will benefit from the infrastructure plan Rubio & Scott stood in the way of:

• The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Florida a C grade on its infrastructure report card. The bill’s infrastructure investments would help repair over 3,500 miles of highway and 400 bridges across the state in poor condition. It would also help alleviate the hundreds of dollars drivers in Florida have to pay every year due to driving on roads in need of repair.  

• With over half a million Floridians unemployed, the bipartisan infrastructure bill’s provisions to create millions of new good-paying jobs will help get Americans back to work and continue the roaring economic growth under the Biden administration. 

• Nearly 13 percent of Florida households lack an internet subscription. The bill’s priority on making fast, reliable broadband available to everyone would be a boon for millions of Floridians. 

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