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As COVID Cases Surge, Marco Rubio Failed to Support Critical Pandemic Relief That Would Help Florida

As Florida experiences a dangerous spike in COVID-19 cases, it is important to remember that when Marco Rubio had the chance to deliver billions of dollars in funding to speed up vaccinations, get personal protection equipment (PPE) to frontline workers, and keep Floridians safe he didn’t have the courage to do what was best for Florida.

“If it were up to Marco Rubio, fewer people would be vaccinated, those most in need would have a harder time affording health care, and more Floridians would be at risk during the current spike in infections. Rubio’s spineless opposition to the American Rescue Plan is yet another reminder that when his constituents need help the most, he fails to show up,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

The American Rescue Plan included a number of key provisions to address Americans’ health care needs during the pandemic and speed up vaccinations. Rubio shamefully voted against:


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