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Floridians Won’t Forget Marco Rubio’s Vote Against Good-Paying Jobs And Vital Infrastructure Investment

Today, the House of Representatives paved the way for a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal, committing to vote on this critical legislation that will create millions of jobs and invest in Florida’s infrastructure by the end of September. But Rick Scott and Marco Rubio have stood against the bill from the beginning, showing Floridians that their self-serving political agendas will always take priority over what’s best for the state.

Floridians aren’t going to forget Rubio and Scott’s spineless opposition to the bill. Recent editorials and letters to the editor from across the state slammed their votes against it:

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Senate infrastructure plan a boost for Florida
“It was too bad, but entirely predictable, that Florida’s two senators could not hoist themselves from the partisan sideline to do what was best for the Sunshine State…Whether they are road-testing a talking point for reelection or as they mull a presidential run in 2024, Rubio and Scott failed to promote the economic interests of the Sunshine State.”

Orlando Sentinel: LTE: Rubio failed on infrastructure vote
“This week Marco Rubio missed yet another opportunity to do something good for Florida when he voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. His reasons, including additions to the national debt and the secret negotiations that led to the bill, are ridiculous. Nineteen of his colleagues, including Mitch McConnell, voted for this, but Rubio continues to answer to the only person he truly cares about: Donald Trump, and not the people of Florida.” – David Bonilla, Altamonte Springs

South Florida Sun Sentinel: LTE: Shame on Rubio, Scott for voting ‘no’ on infrastructure
“Florida could receive $16 billion from the infrastructure bill that passed the U.S. Senate. Both Florida senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, voted against the bill. Whose interests do they represent? Not the citizens of Florida.” – Jeff Light, Coconut Creek

Palm Beach Post: LTE: Senator Rubio’s not shovel-ready
“Florida’s two senators…did not vote for the infrastructure compromise which will hugely benefit Florida’s ordinary citizens. The Senators did not stiff their constituents because big business opposed the bill (the U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly supports infrastructure)…Our two senators cheered each nebulous ‘infrastructure week.’ They were for infrastructure before they were against it. Not a good look…Once upon a time, Rubio reflected his family’s middle class, immigrant values. Not anymore. How Rubio squares his desire for re-election with his refusal to support essential infrastructure for our state is a puzzlement.” – Frank McNeil, Boca Raton

Tampa Bay Times: LTE: Get beyond the toddler stage
“Nineteen Republican senators have learned the art of negotiation and compromise. Our Florida senators have learned how to do photo opportunities and say ‘no’ to anything proposed by Democrats. Nineteen Republican senators will bring badly needed infrastructure improvements to the entire nation, but especially to their home states. Our Florida senators will be sitting on the sideline bringing nothing of value to Florida. Perhaps it is time for Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott to advance beyond the toddler response of just saying no to everything. Perhaps they could actually do the hard work of governing.” – Mark Gibson, St. Petersburg

The infrastructure investments in the bill will be a major boost for Florida’s economy. Rubio and Scott’s votes against it earlier this month were a vote against:


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