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Marco Rubio Silent As Florida Becomes The Only State To Deny Federal Food Aid To Children

Ron DeSantis’ unprecedented and cruel decision to deny Florida children food assistance has drawn widespread public criticism. Over 80 groups, including local food banks, have implored the governor to accept $820 million in federal food aid at no cost to the state. With millions of Florida children at risk of going hungry, Marco Rubio is once again totally silent on an important issue for Florida

“At a time when Floridians are already struggling through a devastating COVID outbreak, putting food on the table will be even more difficult for millions of families. Marco Rubio’s spineless decision to stand idly by while an already dangerous and chaotic start to the school year gets harder for Florida children is a new low,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Florida is now the only state in the country refusing to participate in the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program, which allows low-income families to receive up to $375 per child to help pay for meals. While the state previously enrolled in the program, the decision to cut off funding for the new school year has meant families of over 2.1 million children – including over 250,000 children younger than 6 – will have a harder time affording food.


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