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Marco Rubio Opposed A Tax Cut For Millions Of Florida Families

The expanded child tax credit has already been a major help to Florida families. Since July, working families across the state have gotten a monthly tax cut of up to $300 per child that has helped parents pay for child care, education, and more. A new study out today shows the average monthly household tax cut in Florida was about $400. That same study also showed that the child tax credit has a 60% approval rating nationally.

Another round of tax cuts to Florida families arrives today, and Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus L. Dixon released the following statement reminding Floridians of Marco Rubio’s hardline opposition to the tax cut:

“Marco Rubio has blatantly opposed a middle class tax cut that has made it easier for millions of Florida families to make ends meet during the pandemic and lifted children out of poverty. Nearly 3.8 million children across the state are benefiting from this highly successful and popular tax cut that Rubio has boasted about voting against. Floridians deserve real leadership that will put them first, not a self-serving politician like Marco Rubio who puts his political agenda ahead of helping working families. If he won’t stand up for our kids, he won’t stand up for us.”


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