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Marco Rubio Caught Running Out Of Vote To Fund The Government To Attend A Political Fundraiser

Last night, Marco Rubio was caught on the Senate floor rushing to vote against a critical bill that would prevent a devastating debt default and fund vital programs Floridians rely on. What was Rubio more concerned with than funding the government? Making sure he could get to his political fundraiser for the Virginia governor’s race.

“Marco Rubio rushed to vote against the best interests of Floridians and bring the U.S. closer to a debt default that would cost millions of jobs, and his only concern was getting to his political fundraiser,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Rubio was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin shortly after voting began. As other Senators started voting, Rubio was seen desperately trying to cast his vote against the bill as soon as possible and then sprinting out of the Senate chamber.


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