Statement by FDP Spokesperson as DeSantis Attacks Immigrants to Deflect Scrutiny Over His Catastrophic Management of COVID in Florida

On Tuesday September 28, Florida filed a suit against the Biden administration, attacking his immigration policy. Governor DeSantis also signed an order that prohibits state agencies from aiding in the relocation of undocumented immigrants coming into Florida.

In reaction to the Governor’s actions today, Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson José Dante Parra issued the following statement:

“Governor DeSantis is desperately trying to distract attention away from his multiple and obvious failures when it comes to managing the Florida COVID crisis he helped create. To do so, he is resorting to the same tactics Republicans nationwide have virtually patented when in need of a smokescreen: demonizing immigrants. By throwing red meat at the GOP’s xenophobic base, he believes he can muddy the waters and escape scrutiny for his catastrophic lack of leadership as Florida continues to tally an average of over 300 deaths per day and is mourning the death of over 53,000 residents since the pandemic began.

“DeSantis has fully morphed into the quintessential, cookie cutter radical GOP demagogue: attacking and maligning immigrants in a craven attempt to evade the blame he so richly deserves for allowing his state to be ravaged by the pandemic. His opposition to prudent health protocols and his failure to actively encourage vaccination while hawking a treatment that one of his top donors is invested in to the tune of millions of dollars should secure DeSantis a place of honor in the GOP’s crowded Irresponsibility and Incompetence Hall of Fame.”

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