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Marco Rubio’s Cowardly Vote Against Raising The Debt Ceiling Would Put Florida Jobs And Social Security at Risk

Despite experts’ warnings that a debt default would cost Florida jobs, cut Social Security, and trigger a severe recession, Marco Rubio once again voted to prolong a potential economic crisis and against raising the debt ceiling.

“Floridians can’t afford any more of Marco Rubio’s self-serving political games. Rubio is too weak to stand up for what is best for Florida and side with working families who are at risk of losing their jobs and hard earned Social Security. Floridians won’t forget that Rubio failed to step up to protect Social Security and the nation’s economy, and they’ll hold him accountable for his cowardice next November,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

Rubio’s votes to bring the U.S. closer to a debt default aren’t just destructive, they’re downright hypocritical. As the Tampa Bay Times noted in a scathing editorial, Rubio is refusing to pay for a massive tax giveaway to corporations and the wealthy that he previously voted for, jeopardizing the economy for everyday Floridians.


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