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Venezuelan Leader Calls Marco Rubio’s Failures On Immigration “A Slap In The Face To My Community”

Venezuelans are continuing to call out Marco Rubio for being too weak to stand up for their community. With tens of thousands of Venezuelan immigrants in Florida living with Temporary Protected Status, leaders are imploring Rubio to support a path to permanent residency, yet Rubio has refused to support them.

In a new op-ed, Pastor José De Jesús Palmar Morales, a Venezuelan TPS recipient, slams Rubio’s ineffectiveness on immigration issues as “heartbreaking” and calls his insistence that Venezuelan immigrants return to Venezuela “a slap in the face to my community.”

Read key excerpts from the op-ed below:

Orlando Sentinel: Op-ed: We’re living in limbo. Senators, help Venezuelans with path to citizenship
By Father José De Jesús Palmar Morales

Key Points:


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