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Will Marco Rubio Condemn DeSantis’ Surgeon General For Pushing Vaccine Skepticism?

At a recent press conference with Ron DeSantis, Florida’s new surgeon general Joseph Ladapo cast doubt on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations and spread dangerous misinformation. As Ladapo makes national news for his comments, which come after Florida’s deadliest COVID outbreak yet, will Marco Rubio have the courage to condemn Ladapo for spreading dangerous anti-vaccine misinformation?

“Whether he’s appearing on TV shows that attack vaccinations or flying off to Iowa to pursue his presidential ambitions while Florida suffered from the worst COVID outbreak in the country, Marco Rubio has always put his political agenda ahead of keeping Floridians safe,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. “Now that Florida’s surgeon general is undermining COVID vaccines, Floridians deserve to know whether Rubio still lacks to the spine to stop dangerous misinformation.”

Rubio has a history of empowering vaccine skeptics. He’s appeared in numerous Fox News interviews with hosts who have spread misinformation about the effectiveness of COVID vaccines. When Ron DeSantis was widely condemned for featuring a speaker at a recent press conference who told the audience he would refuse a vaccine, falsely claiming it “changes your RNA,” Rubio was silent.


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